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Pandora Libra Star Sign Clearance 70% Off


CHARACTERISTICS: Diplomatic, romantic and charming

GLYPH: The glyph represents scales for weighing.

MYTHOLOGY: Libra represents the scales of justice and is the only constellation which does not represent a living being. The golden scales represents justice as well as balance and equity, and the fact that the ancient Greeks gave Libra a prominent place in the sky signifies how they considered these values to be the moral cornerstones and ideal way of living.


AIR:Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are represented by the element of Air. Soft colors, abstract shapes and diaphanous details suit the animated and expressive social butterflies linked to this ever-changing element.


To harness the beauty and sentiments that enrich our lives, PANDORA’s design team takes inspiration from delightfully diverse sources from the world around us and the universe above. They then infuse this inspiration into captivating designs that are truly unique and true to the brand’s signature style that women love. Blending innovation with contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, each hand-finished piece of jewelry is expertly crafted by PANDORA’s jewelry craftspeople in Thailand. Here designs become realized and jewelry is brought to life, thus completing the circle of creativity that started with an inspirational idea in Copenhagen, Denmark. This season celebrates the brilliance of best friends and personal guiding stars. The Pre-Autumn jewelry collection shimmers with dazzling symbols and statements of appreciation, affection, and uniqueness.

Pandora Libra Star Sign Clearance 70% Off

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